To get set up with CloudRail use either one of the below options:

Installation with NPM

The easiest way to integrate the CloudRail SI node.js SDK is via NPM. Simply execute

npm install --save cloudrail-si

in your project's folder to automatically download the library and add it as a dependency to your package.json.

You can then require the library in your code like so:

const cloudrail = require("cloudrail-si");

and reference services and types like so (example for PayPal):

const PayPal =;
const CreditCard = cloudrail.types.CreditCard;

Manual installation

If you cannot or do not want to use NPM you can also


the SDK and extract it.

After, put the folder into your project and require the index.js file:

// Assumes that you put the folder next to this file
const cloudrail = require("./cloudrail-si/index");

Start implementing

Now that you are all set up, you can learn how to use CloudRail by heading over to Usage