Device Management Cloud

Central Device Management

The Device Management Cloud is a central place to manage your CloudRail.Box’es including all connected IO-modules and sensors / actuators. Every CloudRail.Box is entirely configured remotely through the Device Management Cloud. Just connect the CloudRail.Box to power and internet, scan the QR-code and manage it from everywhere in the world, no matter if you use a Mac, Windows PC or an iPhone. Thanks to encryption, a sophisticated rights management and geo redundancy, this is absolutely secure and reliable.

Auto Device Provisioning

The CloudRail Device Management Cloud can automatically provision new devices on your cloud platform (like AWS, Azure, etc.). It uses APIs to add new devices, configures them according to your settings and retrieves credentials / certificates to initiate the connection on your CloudRail.Box. This allows you to rapidly setup new IIoT installations or automatically provision devices on a large scale using templates or powerful APIs.

Orchestrate Data Streams Between Sensors and Clouds

Connect industrial sensors to Clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, SAP and the Alibaba Cloud. Send data from Sensor A to the Google Cloud, Sensor B to Azure and Sensor C to Alibaba and AWS in parallel — and change this configuration any time. The Device Management Cloud lets you easily orchestrate your data streams between sensors and clouds.

Deploy and Manage Edge Computing Functions

If you use Edge Computing to run logic locally on a CloudRail.Box, the Device Management Cloud will allow you to mange this code in a central place. Add new functions or change existing code on any CloudRail.Box, without physical access or down-times.

Remote Firmware Updates

All CloudRail.Box’es can be updated through your Device Management Cloud. This means new features, critical security updates or improvements without the need of physical access to the machine. No matter if you manage one or thousands of CloudRail.Box devices — this keeps your installations secure and reliable.

Cloud Provider Agnostic Device Management

Every cloud platforms brings its own device management feature. The CloudRail Device Management Cloud combines them all into a single one. It uses APIs to connect to the device management of the respective cloud platforms to keep all devices in sync. This means, once you connect a new sensor to AWS via CloudRail, this device will be automatically added in the AWS device management as well. The CloudRail Device Management Cloud gives you the ability to manage all devices, no matter to which cloud platform they are connected to — all in a single view.

Direct Data

The Device Management Cloud is purely for managing and monitoring your devices. All data coming from your sensors flows directly between your CloudRail.Box and your cloud platform (like for example your Microsoft Azure instance). No process data ever passes a CloudRail server. This means no data privacy or latency issues.

Geo redundant hosting in the EU.

SSL encrypted communication between Box and Cloud.

On-Premise version available for Enterprise customers.

Sophisticated multi user and rights management.